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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Entering the Valley.....

  On Dec 13, 2013, this mamas life changed forever. Not mine alone either. As I intend to let my FB posts help me to chronicle this journey up to this point, so that I may go forward from here, I am looking back at posts.
  On Dec 12, my post for the day was; By God's amazing grace, may you have a peaceful, positive and blessed day today all!

  That night we had the family over. We decorated the tree, watched Brad Stein on youtube and listened and danced around to the music from 'Christmas with a Capital C'.
  I remember looking into the front room as the family watched Brad Stein. (Gods Comic) I recall seeing Charitys smiling cheerful face. She walked into the kitchen and kept 'helping' me. I hugged her and thanked her for being such a help to me. Everyone else seemed to want to do their own thing but she, that night, was being mindful of me and celebrating and making sure we were all having fun.
  I recall her encouraging her reluctant sister Machaira to participate in decorating the tree. There are many pictures and videos of that night of all of us. None of her though as she was behind the camera.
  There seem to be posts missing from FB. I do recall asking for prayer for the safety and lives of our daughters. The next post appearing there, is from our dear friends the Brabos. Mike posted;
"Our heart are breaking for our dear friends, the Brett N Dana Adams, family. Please join us in lifting their family up in prayer, for their daughters in the hospital and comfort in Charity's homegoing after a car accident"
  Here is the next post I see from me;

 "Updating for the sake of you dear people who are doing your best to be here for us in our time of need. It means more to us than you can imagine. Just so everyone has understanding of what occurred...The girls drove off this morning. There was a bad wreck of which I am deliberately not asking details...a mothers heart you know? Anyways, Charity is eternal in the Heavens with the Lord. In His safe ...keeping eternally. Please keep Machaira and Abby in your prayers. Charity is well, safe and ran her race and is enjoying her reward. The ones left behind have so much hurt, guilt pain and more to work through. We are so grateful for every single one of you. We love you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts..."....

         Tomorrow I will talk about that fateful morning and the hours of waiting to hear what the Lords decree was for my future....thank you friends for walking with us


Trisch Breed said...

My heart is breaking all over again with you. On facebook, check your private messages, some were sent through there.

Praying. Love you all SO much!!!!

Chery M said...

I must tell you that there is no way to put into words how much you have encouraged me through your processing this out loud, as I have walked this same path in a way... I Praise YHWH for you in our lives... I am picturing Charity, holding Steven and smiling... *tears*

The Adams Family said...

Thank you for your continues prayers and support Trisch. I'll check there thx

The Adams Family said...

Thank you Chery! May The Lord continue to uphold us both in the journey He has ordained for us! Bless you dear

Christine said...

I continue to hear amazing stories from others about your faith through this season. I remember seeing a post on your FB page about something unimaginable happening and asking for prayers for the girls. In fact, I believe that is the first post I saw about the accident, not realizing exactly what was going on yet. You made comments within posts those few days too, so you might go back within your posts and posts to your wall to fill in the gaps.

I'm so glad that you are writing about this. Many people will be blessed by reading about your journey.

The Adams Family said...

Thank you Christine I will try and search there too. Thank you for blessing me. Love to your family from us all:)

Anonymous said...

yes, there are posts, within posts. I was with Isaac us being released from hospital after 2 days with the flu. Tara called and asked me to "call uncle Brett please, there was a post from auntie Dana on facebook asking for prayers, then nothing else im worried" i told her i would, and it was a 21second call he said 5 sentences we hung up and i stared at phone thats how i knew it was 21 seconds. There were 2 nurses in room i said could you please take Isaac out of the room, they looked up at me, 1 picked up him and went out the door, the other came and touched my arm and said are you alright? I said no. She left and shut door. About an hour later i stared seeing posts. So there are 3 or 4 that are intertwined, if you look on your timeline you will find them. When off phone with Brett, my first thought was......well i should say thoughts....were about 10 things in 10seconds...my first thought was...thank your Lord that Charity loved you and Jesus so much. Dana, i have been so blessed by you &Brett i love u