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Sunday, January 13, 2013


Big topic! Where to start where to start. First of all, health is something best accomplished by a multi faceted approach. Good nutrition, paramount. Proper and quality supplementation...absolutely imperative in this day and age...and I believe they work together. As well traditional medicine; while it definitely has its place must not be used to the point where it is abused...as it normally is. Antibiotics should be viewed as a last resort!

So, as I always say; Do the best you can, something is better than nothing. Organic is better than not, but eating is better than starving. Spelt bread is better than wheat bread, wheat is better than white and white...well white isnt worth eating but it is better to eat home made white bread than store bread. So first of all do the best you can when youre able to do it.

Supplements are very important in this day and age for many reasons. Not only is our soil depleted, but our bodies fight many many things on every front. Chemicals, pesticides, poisons, on top of normal germs, bacteria and viruses. So supplements are important, but it is just as important that you use QUALITY supplements. If you dont, youre wasting your time and effort. That is why we have decided to sell Genesis Pure supplements. In my 25 years of searching, I am most impressed with this company. More on that later.

In order to help family and friends I am going to be posting 'tricks of the trade' and home remedies that can help our families in time of need. There is a pretty nasty flu going around this year! I dont care what the news 'map' says about us being in the flu zone or not...it has hit us hard!

First order of business will begin with what I made today. Garlic oil. This is amazing stuff for ear aches in little ones. Adults too but it is so sad and pathetic when a little one has an ear ache!

Now remember there is good better and best....
Good; any type of oil dropped into ear canal is soothing
Better; garlic capsules from the store; pop one and drop liquid into ear canal
Best; make your own garlic oil!
Here is how!
Crush 2 garlic cloves into 3/4 of a cup of olive oil. Heat but do not simmer or boil. Heat for an hour; I use a potpourri mini crock pot. Turn heat off then cover for several hours. Strain and bottle. I also add vitamin E as a preservative. Just a few drops into your bottle. If you do not expect to use up the oil during this bout of ear ache, you may consider refrigerating it.

I use the drops up to 5 times daily if needed. It is very effective. With our 11 children, (3 now grown and we have 2 grandboys) we have only had one ear ache that needed dr attention. Partly because I use the garlic oil if I think they even might get an ear ache due to congestion. Unlike antibiotics, you can use it, or not, be consistent with it or not and it will not do any damage.
It is wise to have an otoscope and know how to use it. It would be ill advised to put anything in an ear that has a perforated ear drum.

Also warm compress on the ear is soothing. Having a child with an ear ache, drink alot and sit up somewhat, helps with drainage. And mama, rock your sick baby, the motion even helps get the lymphatic system moving!

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Discipling Mom said...

I've read about garlic oil before but never tried it. So easy to make I'll have to try it.