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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Walking through the Valley....

  Let me say that most of the week following the car wreck, is a blur.
  We were blessed by so many. Our first support came from our friend and author Michael Bunker (I encourage you to find his books on Amazon by the way) who put out an all point bulletin for prayer and support. He was preparing to drive up but at the request of his church, and at our encouragement he stayed put. It was bad weather still...Next our dear friend James Pelis drive straight here from out of state as well. Then at ten oçlock our dear and faithful friends, Congressman Todd Akin and his wife, with son Wynn, and daughter Abigail drove down to be at our side.
  I would say literally, two hundred people came along side, with no thought to self or comfort, to be here for us. The Lewis Family,White family, Hamilton family and so many more were such a huge blessing.
  My only grief in all of this is that I don't readily remember all the visitors and names. But your deeds have not gone unnoticed. In my quiet times I recall a deed or word or visitor and I pray Gods blessing down on the heads of each one of you. God knows your deeds and I ask Him to reward you where I fail to.
  The first night, the night of the wreck, dear Machaira,20, had to sleep with me in my bed. When you experience trauma, and even for me... though you take every thought captive all day long, as soon as you get horizontal and your head hits the pillow, the enemy moves in with a vengeance. I do hope you realize brethren what a fierce and hateful enemy opposes us.
  She would moan as she fell asleep, then as soon as that blessed sleep would arrive, the images would return. She would jump and cry and jolt and shake. It was nothing short of horrible. Once she would be sleeping and still, I would get up and go check on Abby. She was sleeping with Abigail Akin and had support, but I would put my hand on her shoulder to still her when she would jolt. She was clearly grieving differently and we were watchful of her. She seemed a bit in denial.....So of the two Machaira needed me the most. Aside from all of this....what took me a few days to realize (duh) My daughters were in a very bad car wreck and they were physically hurt as well as emotionally. As of writing this post Machaira still has glass embedded in her foot. Dr Wright spent nearly two hours trying to get it out yesterday to no avail....
  I think of the verse Romans 8:28, Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered.... and Im not speaking of its context, as I am no theologian,(I rely on my wise husband for that!) but on the second day when I was finally able to try and sleep.....I would just moan. A broken heart can speak no words.
  Although I had an abiding hope that Charity was safe, and eternal in the heavens with the Lord, I had lost such a huge part of me, and, not to mention....I love Charity. She is my biggest helper, the heart and joy of our family. For at least two years I have not done a project without her. Sewing especially. When she walked into a room she brought a smile and energy that few possess. Our little Samuel has her same spirit:)
  Brett was so kind, in his own suffering, to hold me for hours and I would just groan. For the next week I woke myself up, verbally calling out to Jesus. Im not sure what I was thinking but in my sleep I would call out to the only One who can really heal us. I can honestly attest to the fact, and may I encourage you brethren, that He is truly our Healer and our Comforter. He can, and will Heal and Comfort you in your own suffering if you let Him. I have put Him to the test in this , and He has not failed me.
  Part of any walk, and walking through this Valley for us, are the many battles to fight. Self, the enemy~the battle my friends is for the mind. Doubt, regret and guilt are the prizes the enemy offers hurting ones in their weakest times. These things must be rejected. These things can only be fought against with the Lords strength. We cannot do it in our own strength. Truly during these times we need the Living God to intervene on our behalf.... We will share with you how the Lord gracious intervened on our behalf and showed Himself mighty......


Michele said...

Thank you for sharing your testimony, I know it is still forming as you walk through this and I can see the Father is walking with you every step. He will never leave your side. Always in our prayers. ~Charlie

Laurie Be said...

Bless you, dear friend. I felt led to spend time in prayer specifically for Abby this morning. Thank you for sharing your story. Through your words, our faith is increased.

The Adams Family said...

Thank you!

The Adams Family said...

Thank you friend and do please pray for Abby